Shop Front Wicklow Street Closed Doors

The Kitchen Whisk Shop Front – Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

We provide you with the best quality service, from quotation to fitting.

Our Process
We want to make the quotation process as easy as possible for you.

If you have an idea of what you are looking for, send us an email along with some pictures of your current shop front and how you would like us to transform it for you.  Email:

If you would prefer to discuss some details over the phone, you can contact us and we will clarify any questions you have. Phone: 087 2139519

We also know that our clients are sometimes unsure what they can do with their shop fronts. That’s why we are always updating our projects and gallery sections with our newest work. You can use these as an inspiration for your shop front, taking small details from each one, or replicate one entirely. The options are endless and we will help you decide what will work best for you.

Shop Front Design
If you have architectural drawings of your shopfront design, we can match those details precisely. The exact design of traditional shopfronts with preservation orders can also be replicated to restore them to all their previous glory.

We can also supply mockup images of how you shop front will look before we begin manufacturing which can be useful when applying for County Concil Grants. More information about how you can save 75% on the price of you shop front can be found here:

Traditional Shopfront

Traditional Pub Shopfront – Cavan


We only use the best quality kiln dried timber in our products. Our shopfronts are made from hardwood and marine grade baltic birch plywood.

Picasso Restaurant Shop Front – Clontarf, Dublin

Other companies use cheaper softwoods, plywoods and fibreboard in their shopfronts, which may work for a year or two. However these timbers are not suitable for outdoor use and will begin to rot and come apart, negatively imacting your business.

We know this is true because a large part of the work that we do is replacing rotten shopfronts that have been fitted only in the last decade.

Our shopfronts are designed to last decades with minimal upkeep.

Our Other Services
We are a bespoke joinery with expertise in stairs, windows and doors also.
We can help you get the final product you want. Contact us and we will clarify any questions you have and provide you with a quote. Phone: 087 1263866

All of our other joinery products such as stairs, windows and doors can be made in a range of timbers including mahogany, teak, white oak and red deal.