Wooden Shutterand Doors Cover Shot

Wooden Shutters and Doors – Tricoya and Hardwood

This shutter and door project was requested by a previous client who owns an old disused stone building. The client was intersted in improving the look of the delapidated building and improving security at the location of the doors. The idea of mock wooden shutters and doors was settled upon that would be in a traditional style and would match the age of the building.

A long term solution was required as it was not known how long this building will remain unused. As such a new wood product called Tricoya that comes with  a 50 year guarntee was used for the panels. The mock hinges are made from tricoya also and a tongue and groove sheeted effect was added to the panels to finish the traditional look. The client was so impressed with the result that he requested the same be completed on another old building closeby that was not currently being used.

Before and after images of wooden tricoya doors on a stone building

Before and After Wooden Tricoya Doors

Wooden Shutters on and old building, front view

Wooden Shutters – Tricoya – Front View








Tricoya Wooden Shutter and Doors from an angled view

Before and after Front Shutters and Doors

Wooden Shutter on a stone building - Tricoya - Closeup

Wooden Shutters-Closeup Left Hand Shutters

Mock Wooden upper floor door on an old stone building - Tricoya

Wooden Door Upper – Tricoya

Mock Wooden door on an old stone building - Tricoya

Wooden Door Lower – Tricoya

Wooden Shutters on and old building-Angled Front View

Wooden Shutters-Angled Front View – Tricoya and Hardwood

Before and after images of the rear shutters on and old stone building

Before and after Back Side

























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