Shop Front Clondalkin O'Dwyer English

Wooden Shop Front in Clondalkin front view

This is a recent shop front project by Laurel Bank Joinery that complemented the existing building structure and enhanced the visual appeal of the business.

Click on the picture below to see the problems that existed before, such as the separated look of the shop front and how it is unclear if it was two separate businesses or a single one.

Shop Front Before and After Pictures

Before and after pictures of the Shop Front

The client requested a mock up image of the work which can be seen in the middle of the above picture. This allowed them to visualise the design direction of the shop front and make changes where necessary.

Shop Front Clondalkin Lettering and Corbel Detail

Shop Front Raised Lettering and Corbel Details

The shop front contains fine detailing in the corbels and the dentalled moulding around the top of the signage.


Shop Front Clondalkin Corbel Pillar O'Dwyer English

Shop Front Corbel and Pillar Details

Shop Front Clondalkin Raised Lettering Details

Shop Front in Clondalkin Raised Lettering Details


You can also see the impact that raised lettering can have on a shop front from street level.

Wooden Shop Front in Clondalkin Window Surround

Clondalkin Shop Front Window Surround

We only use the highest quality materials in our shop front including Tricoya for our signage fascias which comes with a 50 year guarantee.

Shop Front Clondalkin Side View left

Clondalkin Shop Front left side view


Shop Front Clondalkin Lettering Detail

Shop Front Lettering and Corbel Details

The overall shape of the shop front creates and effective frame for the business. It attracts people to the display in the window which is extremely important for an Estate Agent Shop Front.

Shop Front Clondalkin Side View right

Clondalkin Shop Front right side view

Wooden Shop Front in Clondalkin Door Surround

Clondalkin Shop Front Door Surround


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