A simple shop front sign and pillars is sometimes all that’s needed to transforms a business’s look. McQuaid’s Opticians in Cootehill, Cavan is one such shop front.

Shop Front Signage and Pillars - Opticians Cavan

Shop Front Signage and Pillars – Opticians Cavan

The shop front is a stylish blend of traditional design and a modern minimal silhouette. The hardwood pillars feature a simple fluted track to catch the light and create am attractive shadow accent. The shop front signage is inspired by traditional shopfronts from the early 1900’s. The crown moulding which has been used in some of our other projects, is an exact reproduction of a mould from such a traditional shop front we have previously worked on.

Shop Frot Cavan Signage Detail

Shop Front Cavan Signage Detail

Our shop front signs can be fitted to accomodate LED strip lighting which provides ample illumination with minimal intrusion on the building and shop front facade compared to down lighting.

Shop Front Pillar Detail - Opticians Cavan

Shop Front Pillar Detail – Opticians Cavan

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